Developing the Sceletium tortuosum Sector

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Parceval, along with a consortium of other companies in the sector, has been awarded a matched funding grant for Sector development around the botanical product, Sceletium tortuosum. The funding has been provided via the Swiss Economic Development Agency and is managed by Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The main...
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Completion of BioInnovation Africa Projects

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In 2020 Parceval received funding through the BioInnovation Africa programme to develop supply chains and new products from indigenous African resources along with identified European partners. The funding was provided by the German BMZ and was implemented by the GIZ. The resources supported by grants were Resource X (a...
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Committed to Sustainable Harvesting

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In 2022, Parceval completed two important sustainability audits. The first was a FairWild audit, where certification was achieved for an external supply chain for a wild harvested species from the Eastern Cape. The second was a comprehensive audit conducted at Parceval’s farm, Waterkloof, for a range of medicinal plants...
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Community Cultivation of Honeybush

In 2020, Parceval was granted funds by the BioInnovation Africa programme to set up a dedicated and consistent quality supply of Honeybush (Cyclopia species) for extract development. As part of the project 2 communities have been supported to grow additional Honeybush. In the Eastern Cape, Harkerville Agri and Forestry...
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Benefit Sharing and Fundraising

In 2018 Parceval started a pilot project in Limpopo to collect a tree seed which may have potential as a pre-cursor for a pharmaceutical drug. The seed collection is conducted on behalf of a European partner. As the seed needs to be exported to Europe, an ABS permit is...
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