HPLC Opens Up New Possibilities


Parceval has been able to take a significant step forward by being able to add a Waters Arc High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to our Quality Control and Research & Development Department. This was made possible through part-funding from the ABioSA project Parceval is part of on the Sector Development of Sceletium, managed by the GIZ and with funding provided by SECO.

This addition to our work will allow us to improve on how alkaloids are tested and measured and with this we hope to make a significant impact on the South African Sceletium industry. The primary objective of our work with the HPLC is to develop a standardized method for testing Mesembrine-type alkaloids within the industry. With this Parceval aims to provide a much-needed service to Sceletium growers, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements of alkaloid levels. This standardized method will not only boost the credibility of the industry but also create a baseline from which all stakeholders can work.

The HPLC also opens further opportunities for Parceval as with it we can quantify various active compounds, ranging from highly specific compounds to essential vitamins. This can open the way for further research possibilities, leading to innovations that can support the natural products industry in additional ways.

Parceval can also now conduct more comprehensive stability studies. Understanding the behaviour of active compounds under different conditions is essential for ensuring product consistency, safety, and efficacy.

This exciting journey began at the beginning of the year with the first training session taking place in February 2023. Now, as the team working with the HPLC has gained experience, they are set for another round of intensive training at the end of August. The team consists of our Head of Quality Control, Wendy Clapham, and the analysts, Zizipho Ntabeni and Chrystal Newman. They are looking forward to what still lies ahead and it will be their hard work and expertise that will unlock the potential of the HPLC, from standardized alkaloid testing to exploring diverse compounds and vitamins. Watch this space for what Parceval will be able to offer in the future.