African Infusions

African Infusions offers unique African botanicals, chosen for their singular flavour and restorative properties. These can be enjoyed hot or cold, as stand-alone ingredients or as part in a blend – each one evoking a different mood and atmosphere of Africa.

Everywhere we have traveled on the continent, local communities have an herbal infusion they enjoy – one that evokes both the landscape around them, and the African spirit found in each botanical ingredient. Whether it is Rooibos, traditionally drunk by the Khoisan people for thousands of years, and now passed down to every South African; or some with a more “acquired taste”. At African Infusions we introduce our customers to this continent of new flavours; while enhancing their health and well-being.

So, close your eyes, inhale your steaming tea and join us on a journey – to a unique and unchanging African landscape, and back to a time when nature provided all the nurturing and healing we needed.

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