Developing the Sceletium tortuosum Sector

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Parceval, along with a consortium of other companies in the sector, has been awarded a matched funding grant for Sector development around the botanical product, Sceletium tortuosum. The funding has been provided via the Swiss Economic Development Agency and is managed by Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The main...
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Committed to Sustainable Harvesting

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In 2022, Parceval completed two important sustainability audits. The first was a FairWild audit, where certification was achieved for an external supply chain for a wild harvested species from the Eastern Cape. The second was a comprehensive audit conducted at Parceval’s farm, Waterkloof, for a range of medicinal plants...
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Life & Energy on Waterkloof

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With the arrival of our winter rains, the plant world has been thriving on Waterkloof. To further encourage this growth, the Waterkloof team prepared two biodynamic preparations, BD500 and CPP, for spraying on the fields. These preparations both work on the health and fertility of the soil and encourage...
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New beginnings on Waterkloof Farm

The Agathosma betulina seedlings looked fragile against the dark earth as they were planted. Yet this shrub, commonly known as Buchu, is hardy once it has taken root and needs little care, making it ideal for the upper slopes of our organic farm, Waterkloof. Earlier this year the farm...
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