Organic cultivation

We have more than 25 years of cultivation experience and since 1994 we have grown a vast range of medicinal plants on our organically-certified farm, Waterkloof. These are used in our herbal medicines or exported as raw materials.

Research and development

We do research and development of specialised cultivation methods or gene-pool selection for our clients and have experience of bio-dynamic farming methods.

Botanical raw material sourcing

What is not grown on Waterkloof is either harvested sustainably from the wild, or is grown in carefully selected cultivation projects in other parts of South Africa and Africa. Parceval has set up cultivation projects from the mist belt of Kwazulu Natal to the dry scrubland of Namibia.

Regulatory compliance

Our practices comply with Good Agricultural and Collecting Practices (GACP) and we ensure that our suppliers also adhere to these guidelines.

Plant Profile

Plant: Agathosma betulina

Agathosma has a long history of traditional use and is popular for its pungent aroma. It is used as an herbal tea, for its essential oil and has many medicinal benefits, including skin care.

Common name:

Western Cape

Plant part used:
Fresh or dried leaves and smaller stalks


Agathosma is a multi-stemmed, re-sprouting shrub with broad leaves and flowers that are star-shaped with white or pale purple petals. The leaves contain the aromatic essential oil in clearly visible oil glands.

Agathosma has been used to treat urinary or stomach problems, as well as for cleaning and treating wounds. Traditionally it was also popular as a deodorant or insect repellent, or as a natural moisturiser together with animal or plant fats.

Parceval offers Agathosma betulina as a tincture and in its cosmetic range, Flora Africana, in a clay or hydroglycerite form.

Plant List

Plant material we can source

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Achillea millefoliumYarrow
Agathosma betulinaRound leaved Buchu
Agathosma crenulataLong leaved Buchu
Aloe arborescensKrantz Aloe
Aloe feroxCape Aloe
Aloe veraBarbados Aloe
Arctopus echinatusPlatdoring
Artemisia afraArtemisia, Wilde Als
Artemisia annuaSweet Wormwood, Sweet Annie
Avena sativaOats
Berberis aquifoliumOregon Grape
Berberis vulgarisBarberry
Bulbine frutescensBulbine
Calendula officinalisCalendula, Pot Marigolds
Capsicum frutescensChili Pepper
Centella asiaticaCentella, Gotu kola
Chamomilla recutitaGerman Chamomile
Cineraria maritimaSilver Ragwort
Coleonema albumCape May, Confetti Bush
Crataegus oxyacanthaHawthorn
Curcuma longaTumeric
Cyclopia genistoidesHoneybushtea
Cyclopia intermediaHoneybush, Bergtee
Cyclopia subternataHoneybush, Vleitee
Cynara scolymusArtichoke
Datura stramoniumJimson Weed, Thorn Apple
Echinacea angustifoliaNarrow-leaved Purple Coneflower, Echinacea
Echinacea pallidaPale Purple Coneflower
Echinacea purpureaPurple Coneflower, Echinacea
Elephantorrhiza elephantinaEland’s Bean, Elephant’s Root
Eriocephalus africanusKapokbossie, Wild Rosemary
Eriocephalus punctulatusBoegoekapok
Eucalyptus globulusBlue Gum
Eucomis autumnalisPineapple Flower
Euphorbia resiniferaResin Spurge
Fragaria vescaWild Strawberries
Gelsemium sempervirensYellow Jasmine
Gossypium herbaceumLevant Cotton
Haemanthus coccineusPaintbrush Lily
Harpagophytum harpagophytumDevils Claw, Grapple Plant
Hedera helixIvy, English Ivy
Helianthus tuberosusJerusalem Artichoke
Hypericum perforatumSt John’s Wort
Hypoxis hemerocallideaAfrican Potato
Iris florentinaGerman Iris
Jacaranda mimosaeifoliaJacaranda
Kalanchoë daigremontianaMother of Thousands
Kalanchoë pinnatumBryophyllum pinnatum
Kigelia africanaSausage Tree
Lavandula angustifoliaLavender, English Lavender
Lavandula officinalisLavender
Leonotis leonurusLion’s Tail, Wild Dagga
Lippia citriodoraLemon Verbena
Lippia javanicaFeverbush
Matricaria chamomillaGerman Chamomile
Medicago sativaAlfalfa
Mentha longifoliaLongleafed Mint
Mesembryanthemum crystallinumIce Plant
Myrothamnus flabellifoliusResurrection Bush
Nerium oleanderOleander
Olea europaea subsp. africanaAfrican Wild Olive
Olea europaea subsp. europaeaOlive
Origanum majoranaMarjoram
Passiflora incarnataPassionflower
Pelargonium graveolensRose Geranium
Pelargonium inquinansScarlet Geranium
Pelargonium reniformeKidney-leaved Pelargonium
Pelargonium sidoidesKalwerbossie, Khoara-e-nyenyane
Pelargonium tomentosumMint Geranium
Peucedanum galbanumBlister Bush
Phytolacca americanaPokeroot, Pokeweed
Phytolacca dodecandraEndod, African Soapberry
Plantago lanceolataPlantain
Quercus roburEnglish Oak
Rosmarinus officinalisRosemary
Ruta graveolensRue, Herb-of-Grace
Sambucus nigraElder, Elderberry
Saponaria officinalisSoapwort
Sceletium tortuosumKanna
Scilla natalensisWild Squill, Blue Squill
Selenicereus grandiflorusQueen of the Night
Senecio serratuloidesInsukumbili
Siphonochilus aethiopicusNatal Ginger, Wild Ginger
Stellaria mediaChickweed
Sutherlandia frutescensCancer Bush
Syzygium cordatumWaterberry
Tagetes minutaTagette
Taraxacum officinalisDandelion
Thuja officinalisThuja
Thymus vulgarisThyme
Tulbaghia violaceaWild Garlic
Urtica dioicaStinging Nettle
Urtica urensAnnual Nettle, Dwarf Nettle
Valeriana officinalisValerian
Viola tricolorHeartsease
Viscum capensisCape Mistletoe
Withania somniferaAshwagandha, Indian Ginseng
Xysmalobium undulatmMilk Bush, Milkwort, Uzara
Zingiber officinaleGinger