What’s in a name: understanding our tinctures

Terminology in any field isn’t easy to understand and complementary medicine has its own complex lexicon. To understand Parceval’s tinctures, we therefore provide an overview here of the terms we use.

We name our tinctures according to the following system:

GenusSpeciesPlant partMother tinctureMethod

Plant Parts:

planta tota – the whole flowering plant including roots
herba – the flowering herb excluding the roots
fol – the leaves of the plant, picked usually before the flowers appear
flos – the flowers of the plant
fol et flos – the leaves and the flowers without stems and branches
summitates – the young leafy shoots of plants
rhizome – the underground parts of the stem of a plant, rhizome
tuber – the tuberous parts of plant roots
radix – the roots of plants, usually harvested in late autumn and winter
cortex – the bark of trees
cortex radices – the bark of the roots of the plant
bulbus – the bulbous part of plants
fruct – the whole fruit of the plant including the seed
semen – the seed of the plant
spores – the spores of mosses
resina – the dried resinous juice of plants


Specialised procedure as laid down in the HAB (Homöopatisches Arzneibuch or German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia) monograph for that plant. Further information available on request.

HAB 2a
Extract from fresh plant with 50 parts of plant to 50 parts of alcohol.
Final alcohol of 43% m/m.

HAB 2b
Extract from fresh plant with 50 parts of plant to 50 parts of alcohol.
Final alcohol of 30% m/m.

HAB 3a
Extract from fresh plant with 33,3 parts of plant to 66,7 parts of alcohol.
Final alcohol of 60% m/m.

HAB 4a
Extract from fresh plant with 10 parts of dried plant to 100 parts of alcohol.
Final alcohol of 60% m/m in most cases.

Spagyrics – Zimpel

Spagyrics is a name given to the production of herbal medicines using alchemical procedures. These procedures involve fermentation, distillation and the extraction of mineral components from the ash of the plant.

Spag Zimpel HAB 25
Spagyric tincture manufactured using fresh plant.

Spag Zimpel HAB 26
Spagyric tincture manufactured using dry plant