North meets South in the Eastern Cape

In September Samara and Ekuphumleni High School welcomed a group of German visitors from the Umckaloabo Foundation. They spent two days at Ekuphumleni High School, getting to know the school and the surrounding community and making a practical contribution through planting fruit trees on the grounds.

The group was welcomed at the school on Sunday 8 September with a programme of singing, dancing, speeches and the handover of Ekuphumleni school shirts. The weather also welcomed everyone with sunshine and the atmosphere was joyful and buoyant.

On Monday, after being introduced to the teachers and sitting in on a class, the visitors got to work.  Together with the school 50 fruit trees were planted within a few hours. These are a symbol of a making a long-lasting impact at the school, whilst at the same time making a practical contribution to the schools food programme.

In the afternoon the visitors could enjoy the sweeping vistas which the Eastern Cape is known for while hunting for Pelargonium sidoides, which is harvested in the area. 

Altogether it was quite an experience for the visitors and the school. The principal Lizwe Ngalo said of the visit: “It made us so happy to welcome the Umckaloabo visitors to our school. It shows the commitment from their side and for many in the community it was a first to be able to meet people from overseas.”

Now our efforts go towards continuing raising funds for Ekuphumleni through Africa Run so that this school can continue to serve many more generations of students.

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