Flora Africana

Flora Africana is a range of natural cosmetic ingredients drawn from the rich plant biodiversity of the African continent.

Many indigenous plants have a long history of traditional use and an as yet untapped medicinal potential which the Flora Africana range draws on, bringing a range of ingredients that are novel to the world of cosmetics.

We offer Flora Africana products in three different forms:

Kalahari Red Clay

This clay is mildly absorbent, cleansing and detoxifying the skin and tightening pores. It is suitable for normal skin types and can be used as an ingredient in face masks and body wraps, as well as in face and body washes.

Cape White Clay

This clay is the mildest of all clays, making it ideal for sensitive skin types. It helps stimulate circulation to the skin whilst gently exfoliating and cleansing it. As it does not draw oil, it is suitable for dry skin types.

Hydroglycerite Extract

The herb-infused hydroglycerite extracts are liquid and can be incorporated into body, face and hair washes. The glycerine used in this extract is vegetable derived and humectant, drawing atmospheric water onto the skin to aid skin hydration.